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Thinking to migrate to Victoria in 2023?


migrate to Victoria

Great news for all skilled migrants thinking to migrate to Victoria. The State of Victoria has opened their Skilled Migration Program for the 2022~2023 program year.

One of the big changes announced is that both onshore and offshore applications are now able to apply for Victorian nomination. As some of you would have been aware, due to Covid-19 and the border controls that were previously in place, Victoria skilled migration program had been limited to only migrants residing in Victoria. While restrictions on applying for nominations still remain on applicants living in other Australian states, overseas migrants are now welcome to apply. Victoria is sponsoring both the subclass 491 visa and the subclass 190 visa.

For more information on these Australian skilled visa options, please see the links below:

Why Migrate to Victoria

Victoria is famous for offering a wonderful combination of exquisite food, world-class entertainment, beautiful scenery and great career opportunities due to its highly diversified economy making it a popular choice for skilled migrants particularly those looking to work in areas such as finance, IT, health and hospitality. It is an ideal place to work and live providing:

  • equal opportunity in the workplace,
  • safe working conditions,
  • the world’s highest minimum wage (OECD 2019)
  • a range of entitlements – including public holidays and paid leave
  • home to Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city and is routinely ranked in the top 10 most livable cities in the world. It is also considered by many to be the cultural and sporting capital of Australia home to events such as the Melbourne Open Tennis, the AFL Grand Final, Boxing Day Ashes Test Match and Formula Australian Grand Prix
  • strong and diverse economy with a GDP larger than the economies of New Zealand, Singapore or the Philippines
  • world-class universities such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT, Victoria University and La Trobe University
  • the choice between a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Melbourne or a more relaxed lifestyle in Victoria’s many regional centres
  • well-educated workforce


Who is eligible for Victorian nomination?

Victoria has announced that ALL occupations listed on the