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Adding a partner to a 485 visa.

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Want to streamline adding a partner to a 485 visa?

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about your visa application here in Australia?

We understand the weight of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown that can accompany such a significant decision. Rest assured, at Migration Unity, we are here to alleviate your concerns and guide you towards a successful visa application.

With our expert knowledge of the complex immigration procedures and legal requirements, we will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the process from start to finish.

Leave the confusion behind as our dedicated team of professionals simplifies the information, providing you with step-by-step guidance tailored to your specific situation.

Trust Migration Unity to handle your visa application with precision and care, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. 

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What is a 485 (Subsequent Entrant) visa?

If you have a partner that holds a subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa you may be able to be added to their visa.

What is the process of adding a partner to a 485 visa?

Video consultation and pre-assessment
Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the skilled visa subclass you wish to apply for.
Gather documents and information
Start gathering all of the required documents and supporting evidence to strengthen your application prior to lodgment.
Lodge your visa application
Lodge your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs, and provide all required supporting documents and evidence to support your claims and meet the legal requirements.
Wait for visa processing
Wait for your visa application to be processed, and provide any additional information or documentation as requested.
Receive a decision
Receive a decision on your visa application, and let the celebrations begin!

How can Migration Unity help you?

Eligibility Assessment:

Determine your eligibility to be added to your partner's 485 visa with an assessment from our registered migration agents.

Expert advice:

Receive professional advice on your migration options in accordance with the Migration Act and Regulations.

Strengthen your case:

Get recommendations, guidance, and support to strengthen your application and increase your chances of success.


Provide you and your partner with our statutory declaration templates to assist you in explaining your relationship timeline and facts.

Ongoing assistance:

Receive support and guidance throughout the entire process to ensure your evidence meets the legal requirements.

Accessibility and Simplicity:

Access our secure online portal to manage your application from anywhere in the world.

Case Management:

Receive ongoing case management from a team of experienced professionals to ensure your application progresses smoothly, we liaise with the Department on your behalf.

Review and checking:

Receive a full review and final check of all supporting evidence prior to lodgement to ensure everything meets the legal requirements.

Applications and Forms:

Your registered migration agent will complete all applications and forms on behalf of you and your partner.

Clarifying your matter to the Case Officer:

Receive legally written submissions by our expert professionals in Australian immigration law to support your application when if required.

Stay Compliant:

Receive an in-depth explanation of things to look out for such as enter by dates, must not arrive after dates and travel return facilities upon visa grant.

Bridging visas:

Ensure you remain lawfully onshore whilst awaiting a decision on your application.

Post grant support:

Receive ongoing support, including record-keeping and reminders, to ensure compliance with the relevant criteria.

Next steps: Planning your Australian permanent residency and citizenship, our team can help you and your loved ones to secure a long term and stable future.

…put simply we look after the entire process for you!

Get Your Visa Approved, Fast

We assist clients with being added to their partner’s 485 visa from all over the world, click the button below to get started.

adding a partner to a 485 visa

Here's what our clients have to say about us…

sean ruane
sean ruane
7. June, 2024.
Matthew very helpful with good information easy to communicate with.
Felix Emtefall
Felix Emtefall
7. June, 2024.
Got all the information I was looking for! Would definitely recommend to the one still looking for proper help regarding their visa situation, to book your consultation here.
Neil Camilo
Neil Camilo
6. June, 2024.
The initial consultation I had with Kate went great! She demonstrated a wealth of knowledge about various migration pathways and answered all my questions. Before the consultation, I was extremely nervous about my options but now I'm a lot more relaxed with a plan in place:))
Scott Craig
Scott Craig
5. June, 2024.
Spoke to Preston here and he was really helpful and informative, a lot cheaper than a couple other places i contacted too. Will be using to complete Visa applications.
Ashleigh Ruth
Ashleigh Ruth
30. May, 2024.
Great chat with Kate who ran through all my options with me and provided lots of information and feedback. Would highly recommend!
Erik Dunne
Erik Dunne
30. May, 2024.
Very helpful and informative with the different visa options. Also very friendly to speak with and I felt I had a better understanding of my options after.

The Migration Unity Advantage


100% Success Rate

We are proud to say that every single application we have ever lodged has been approved.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Rest assured that you will be covered by our No Visa, No Fee - 100% money-back guarantee.


Split Fee Payments

We offer split fee payments to assist you financially whilst your application is being prepared. It's easy to make a start!


100% Satisfaction

Our clients love our service! Check out our reviews for yourself. You too could be receiving a phone call from us with your visa approval.


Fixed Fee

Know exactly every cent you will be paying upfront with no hidden additional fees along the journey.


Stress Free

We take the stress out of preparing and lodging visa applications. We do this every day of the working week.

How it works



One of the most important parts of this journey is to find the correct visa, confirm your eligibility and plan correctly.


As every case is different and there are various visa subclasses it is important that you find a Registered Agent that specializes in your visa subclass.
Preparation & Lodgement

Preparation & Lodgement

From here, your Registered Migration Agent will look after the entire process on your behalf.

1,000+ Successful Visa Lodgements

Nothing makes us happier than calling our clients to deliver the good news! We’ve lodged thousands of applications and this feeling never gets old, imagine picking up the phone and receiving the good news that your visa or citizenship has been successfully granted! Here’s a small clip of what that’s like…

More Reasons Why Our Service Is Great


Qualified & Experienced

Our Registered Migration Agents are qualified and experienced in Australian migration law and practice.



More than one person will be working on your matter: more checking, more experience and less room for errors.


Correct Planning

Planning correctly from the beginning can save you time, money and stress whilst reducing the risk of a refusal.


Maintaining Records

We maintain your records for a minimum of seven years in accordance with the Code of Conduct.


Decision-ready Application

We know what is required by law to prepare your application correctly. Minimise further requests, which slows down the processing of your application.


Save Time

You won't have to spend weeks or even months researching outdated information online without understanding Australian migration law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subsequent 485 visa?

The subsequent 485 visa allows a partner (and or dependents) to be added to an already approved 485 visa. This allows the primary visa holder to bring their spouse, de facto partner and/or dependents to Australia or remain in Australia if they are already here on a different visa.

Can same-sex couples be added to a 485 visa?

Yes, same-sex couples are eligible to be added to a 485 visa. The Australian government recognises and supports same-sex relationships.

Can I include my dependent children in the visa application?

Yes, you can include your dependent children in your application. However, each child must meet certain requirements and there may be additional documentation needed for their inclusion.

What are the requirements to add a partner to a 485 visa?

To add a partner to a 485 visa, you need to provide evidence of your genuine relationship, such as marriage or de facto relationship documents. You will also need to meet health and character requirements.

Can I work in Australia on a subsequent 485 visa?

Yes, once you are added to the 485 visa, you will have work rights in Australia. You can seek employment without any restrictions during the validity of the visa.

Can I apply for permanent residency based on the subsequent 485 visa?

Depending on your specific circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency through other visa pathways, such as employer-sponsored permanent visas or skilled migration visas. It is advisable to consult with a registered migration agent to explore the available options.

Can I get a bridging visa when being added to a 485 visa?

Yes, you may be granted a Bridging visa when being added to a 485 visa if you are onshore.

The Bridging visa will come into effect once your previous visa expires and will allow you to remain lawfully in Australia until a decision is made on your subsequent 485 visa application. It is important to note that the conditions and rights associated with the Bridging visa may vary, so it’s recommended to consult with a qualified migration agent for specific guidance tailored to your situation.

If you are located offshore you will not be eligible for a bridging visa.

What if my information was not declared in the original 485 visa application?

If your spouse or partner did not declare your relationship in their 485 visa application then adding you to their visa may not be straightforward. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation so we can assess your situation prior to commencement.

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