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Queensland State Migration Program 2023


This week, BMSQ, the state government unit responsible for Queensland state migration program has formally announced the resumption of the Migration Queensland Skilled Program for the 2022 to 2023 program year.

Queensland State nomination is available for both the subclass 190 visa and the subclass 491 visa. The 190 visa is a permanent skilled visa while the subclass 491 visa is a 5 year provisional skilled visa with a pathway to permanent residency. Both visas require nomination from a state or territory of Australia and applicants are asked to commit two years to remaining in the nominating state. For more information on these Australian skilled visa options, please see the links below:


Why Queensland State Migration Program

Queensland is famous for its beautiful weather and offering great career oppportunities making it a popular choice for skilled migrants particularly those adverse to the cold. It is an ideal place to work and live offering:

  • equal opportunity in the workplace,
  • safe working conditions,
  • the world’s highest minimum wage (OECD 2019), and
  • a range of entitlements – including public holidays and paid leave
  • home to Brisbane – Australia’s third largest city
  • strong and diverse economy with a GDP than the country of Portugal
  • warm weather throughout most of the year
  • home to Instagram worthy beaches and famous tourist destinations including Gold Coast, Cairns, the Sunshine Coast, the Whitsundays and Whitehaven Beach
  • relaxed lifestyle
  • friendly locals


Who is eligible for Queensland state nomination?

With the opening up of the borders to Australia with the decline in Covid-19 numbers and severity, Queensland state has now opened the nomination program to both onshore and offshore applicants. The Queensland nomination program is broken up into 4 separate categories, these being:

  1. Graduates of a Queensland university
  2. Skilled workers already living in Queensland
  3. Skilled workers living offshore
  4. Small business owners operating a business in regional Queensland


Nomination for Queensland graduates

Nomination for graduates is a competitive process and graduates with higher points, those living in regional areas and those with years of work experience can expect to be nominated more quickly.

To apply for nomination as a graduate of a Queensland university, as shown in the table below:

Requirements for Queensland Graduates
Requirement190 Visa491 visa
PointsGraduates applying for subclass 190 visa nomination are required to have a minimum of 80 points or higher on the skilled migration points test (link) inclusive of state nomination pointsGraduates applying for subclass 190 visa nomination are required to have a minimum of 65 points or higher on the skilled migration points test (link) inclusive of state nomination points
EmploymentGraduates must provide evidence of employment with a Queensland employer registered in their occupation or a related occupation*Same as for the 190 visa*
EnglishGraduates must have Proficient English (see link) to meet the English language requirementSame as for the 190 visa
LocationGraduates must be onshore in Queensland at the time of applicationSame as for the 190 visa
Bachelor Students
  • Same as common requirements
  • Be living onshore in regional Queensland
  • Have completed 100% of the Bachelor’s degree at a Queensland-based institution
  • Have graduated in the last two years
  • Have a grade point average of 5.5 (or equivalent) or higher
  • Have an occupation on LIN 19/051
  • Be employed full-time (35 hours per week minimum) in reg