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Permanent redsidentcy of Australia


  • 1

    The most common ways to become a permanent resident of Australia

    It is important to know the different pathways to permanent residency. Not planning accordingly can have detrimental effects on your future in Australia!

  • 2

    What is a work-stream permanent visa?

    One of the most common pathways to becoming a permanent resident in Australia is through a work-stream permanent visa. There are various subclasses, and these are the main focus of this eBook.

  • 3

    The first steps you need to take to ensure you are on the right track for permanent residency

    Starting at the beginning and planning your migration journey correctly can ensure that you are on the right path without wasting thousands of dollars and risking a refusal.

  • 4

    The crucial information you need to know about skilled occupation lists

    Finding out that your occupation is on a skilled list doesn’t mean much unless you understand the difference between each skilled occupation list and what visa subclasses you may be eligible to apply for.

  • 5

    Insider secrets on how to determine your nominated occupation

    Uncover how to increase your chances of obtaining PR with these tricks and secrets.

  • 6

    The most crucial and important information you need to know about your nominated occupation

    What qualification and/or work experience does your particular occupation require for each individual visa subclass.

  • 7

    How do I find out what skilled occupation list my nominated occupation is on?

    Easily keep up to date with the occupation list changes and understand what pathways are available for your nominated occupation without being left in the dark.

  • 8

    What visas are available for your individual situation?

    There are over 70 different visas in Australia! Find out what work-stream visas are available for you!

  • 9

    Skills assessments

    If you intend to apply for a ‘Skilled’ visa, you must obtain a skills assessment to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills that match those required for an occupation listed on the current skilled occupation lists.

  • 10

    The 44 most in demand occupations in Australia

    Find out if your occupation is in high demand in 2022 and discover how these occupations can speed up the processing of your visa application.

  • 11

    The top 3 tips to get your permanent residency processed faster!

    Discover the top 3 insider tips that we use to facilitate faster processing times for our clients.

  • 12

    The 5 circumstances that affect processing times

    Uncover the 5 main reasons why visa applications can take longer to process than others. Ensuring that you avoid these can save you months or even years of stress!

  • 13

    And much, much more!

Gina Karnasch
Gina Karnasch
17. March, 2023.
I came into this consult thinking there is no way out, but Bonnie has given me multiple options and helped me out tremendously. She is also a great person to just chat to and lifted my mood instantly! (: 10/10 would recommend
Kristen Kozik
Kristen Kozik
17. March, 2023.
Taina was absolutely incredible the whole process. I lost some time by logging my application incorrectly the first time on my own and decided to spend the money with Migration Unity to do it correctly. Taina walked me through step by step exactly what I needed and was always quick and patient with my questions and concerns. I suggest this company to anyone wanting to move to Australia. Thanks again Taina for all of your help!
The Show Stopper
The Show Stopper
16. March, 2023.
I was looking for 186 Direct Entry Employer sponsorship VISA and reached out to MIGRATION UNITY and had excellent initial consultation experience with Mr. Matthew Halliday highlighting and coming up with the most honest and possible ways to initiate the process which falls under Australian laws. Highly recommend Migration Unity for any migration consultancy application and information.
Bekki Molineux
Bekki Molineux
7. March, 2023.
We have had the most amazing, smooth and easy visa journey with Taina and the Migration Unity team! They have a great system that tells you all the evidence you need to upload and they proof read everything and made sure we covered all evidence bases to ensure our best chances of having a smooth process. They had great and clear communication and are so friendly! Would definitely recommend Migration Unity for any visa needs.
Jamie Strevens
Jamie Strevens
7. March, 2023.
Very professional and courteous
Anabella Nahabedian
Anabella Nahabedian
7. March, 2023.
My partner and I just got PR!!!!!!!! Migration Unity has been incredible from day 1. They have been readily available throughout the whole process and have given us full support. Denise and Taina were extremely helpful and very lovely to deal with! Couldn’t recommend them enough!!
Harriet Muthoni
Harriet Muthoni
6. March, 2023.
The consultation was very easy to book online. I spoke with Matthew Halliday who gave me up to date and insightful information and assisted me with some of my burning questions. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking for assistance with their immigration process.
Anna Stafford
Anna Stafford
3. March, 2023.
I couldn't recommend Migration Unity enough for any visa services you may need. Taina went above and beyond and did everything she could to help get my Permenant Residency visa, which I recently received because of her! She is incredibly efficient at her job and helped me and supported me throughout the whole process. The friendliest and kindest person too, I felt so trusting of her. Look nowhere else but these gems!
Josh Fayaz
Josh Fayaz
1. March, 2023.
I just wanted to share my amazing experience working with migration unity for my partnership visa application in Australia. I have to say, the service I received was fantastic! Right from the start, Scott and Taina was super friendly and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. They were very organized and really knew their stuff, which made the application process a breeze. I never felt lost or confused, and they were always available to answer any questions I had. They also kept me in the loop with regular updates on the status of my application, which made me feel really secure and confident. And to top it off, they helped me get my application approved in no time! Overall, I'd absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for immigration assistance in Australia. Their expertise, professionalism, and amazing customer service made my whole experience so much better. Thanks again guys!
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown
23. February, 2023.
My partner James and I cannot thank Scott initially and then Denise and Taina for all of their help with our sponsorship.. We have had our visas granted in less than 5 months since starting the process.. They have all been so helpful, informative and kind from day one and our Australian dream would not be happening without them. Thank you all.

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