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Finally…A Quick & Easy Way For You To Get Your Australian Visa Approved!

Are you sick of reading outdated and incorrect immigration information online with no understanding of immigration law?

Tired of the constant changes from the Australian government leaving people in the dark with no clear visa pathway?

At Migration Unity, we have helped thousands of individuals and families to secure a better future in Australia.

A visa grant is the key to creating the amazing lifestyle and security that Australia has to offer.

Our goal is to get you on a pathway to Australian permanent residency and get your visa approved in the fastest way possible.

Our team of Registered Migration Agents have over 50 years of combined experience in Australian immigration law, and we’ve successfully assisted thousands of clients from over 60 countries around the world to become permanent residents without wasting thousands of dollars on incorrect visa pathways that result in unnecessary stress and often refusals.

We know how to get it right the first time, and we can do the same for you.

Simply Following Our Proven Step By Step Process, You Can Get Your Australian Visa Approved!

Australian visas can be complex, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every person has a different profile and background, and no two applications are the same.

It takes years of consistent work and ongoing professional development to successfully navigate the ever-changing minefield of Australian immigration.

We’ll share the processes we use to get Australian visas approved in record time and accelerate your pathway to Australian permanent residency.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In Your Video Consultation…

WARNING: Did You Know There Are Over 100 Different Visa Subclasses in Australia?

Are you searching for visa eligibility information online, thinking that Australia is desperate for skilled workers, so it must be an easy process? Bad idea! We’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you open to wasting time on the wrong visa pathways.

The Proven Strategies We’ve Used To Get Thousands Of Visa Grants.

We’ll reveal the bulletproof strategies we’ve used to achieve a 99.9% success rate across all applications that our experienced team have ever lodged.

The Devastating Mistakes Made By Virtually All Visa Applicants.

Nearly every person looking to apply for a visa in Australia makes these common yet crucial mistakes – find out what they are so you can avoid them!

The Old Myths & Incorrect Information About Australian Immigration.

The common misconceptions we hear every day about bridging visas, Medicare, work rights, visa conditions, skills assessments and much more.

3 Simple Tips To Boost Your Chances of Obtaining Direct Permanent Residency.

These strategies can help you skip the temporary visas altogether and apply for direct permanent residency…find out if you are eligible!

Discover The Most Beneficial Visa For Your Individual Circumstances.

Sadly, thousands of visa applicants provide incorrect information on their visa applications, which often results in visa refusals and wasting thousands of dollars on visa application fees.

It’s not their fault. They just don’t understand the ins and outs of all the visa subclasses and the applicable law behind the application they are applying for.

We can assess your eligibility from the very beginning and plan your quickest pathway to Australian permanent residency. We will explore the most beneficial visa subclasses for you, such as the, 100, 186, 189, 190, 309, 400, 407, 408, 482, 491, 494, 801, 820, 858, etc.

Save Yourself Months Of Costly Trial & Error By Using Our Blueprint To Get Your Visa Approved.

Why waste months struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself, without any understanding of Australian immigration law?

You can save this time by using our expert knowledge to get your visa approved, allowing you to start your future in Australia as soon as possible.

We lodge hundreds of visas every single year and know exactly what to look out for.

Are you ready to discuss your individual profile and background to determine which visa is the right pathway for you?

Simply schedule your Video Consultation today to discuss your eligibility with a MARA Registered Migration Agent who has years of immigration law experience and has helped many people in the same situation as you.

Here’s Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Book Your Video Consultation…

7 Tips to Help You Get Your Australian Visa Prepared Quickly & Easily.

We’ve used these tips and tricks to accelerate the preparation of visas for our clients so they can start their future in Australia much faster – now you can do the same!

Why Having An Occupation On The Skilled List Doesn’t Make You Automatically Eligible A Visa.

Australia is crying out for skilled workers, so it must be easy, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case, Australian workstream visas have various requirements that must be met first, we’ll explain everything to you in detail.

The Vital Key To Understanding ANZSCO Codes & Skilled Lists.

This all-important piece of the puzzle is crucial to know which visa is right for you and where in Australia you can live and work.

What Never To Do When Lodging A Visa Application.

Please, never ever do this when lodging an Australian visa (unless you want to risk getting your application refused). A visa refusal stays on your record forever and can have serious consequences on your future in Australia.

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Denise & Taina and the team at Migration Unity are amazing - thanks to them our family is now permanent residents.

Very professional to work with and do all the hard work for you. Cannot recommend them enough.
Aoife O'Donnell
The commitment Migration Unity has to helping you attain the best outcomes, is astounding. When going through a process as nerve-wrecking as applying for visas, having an immigration agent by your side who knows the industry and goes the extra mile is an absolute game changer. Thank you!
Gwen Vierhout

Benefits of becoming an Australian permanent resident.

Live and work in Australia indefinitely:

As an Australian permanent resident, you can live and work in Australia without any restrictions.

Access to public healthcare and education:

You can access Australia's world-class public healthcare and education systems.

Eligibility for social security benefits:

You are entitled to social security benefits such as Medicare and Centrelink.

Sponsor family members for permanent residency:

As a permanent resident, you can sponsor certain eligible family members to come and live with you in Australia.

Pathway to Australian citizenship:

After meeting the eligibility criteria, you can apply for Australian citizenship and enjoy all the rights and privileges that come with it.

Access to a stable economy and job market:

Australia's strong and stable economy provides a wide range of job opportunities in various sectors.

Exposure to a diverse and multicultural society:

Australia is a diverse and multicultural society, giving you the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions.

Increased earning potential compared to home country:

The Australian job market offers competitive salaries and wages, potentially increasing your earning potential compared to your home country.

Our 100% No Visa - No Fee - Money-Back Guarantee.

We will get your visa approved or give your money back!

When you join us at Migration Unity, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money-back guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely event that your application is refused because of us, we’ll refund every cent within 14 days – no questions asked.

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100% No Visa, No Fee Money-Back guarantee

Be confident in your Registered Migration Agent’s efforts for a successful outcome with our “No Visa – No Fee 100% Money-Back Guarantee” on selected visa subclasses.

*Terms & conditions apply

What is the process of obtaining a visa?

Become an Australian permanent resident through skilled migration.
Book Your Video Consultation
Schedule a Video Consultation with one of our Registered Migration Agents today to discuss and plan your pathway.
Comprehensive Review and Pre-Assessment:
Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the skilled visa subclass you wish to apply for.
Information & Supporting Evidence
Gather all of the required information and documents to strengthen and support your application.
Lodge your visa application:
Lodge your visa application with the Department of Home Affairs, and provide all required supporting documents and evidence to support your claims and meet the legal requirements.
Receive a decision:
Receive a decision on your visa application, and if approved whilst overseas, make arrangements to travel to Australia within the specified time frame.

How can Migration Unity help you?

Eligibility Assessment:

Determine your eligibility for a skilled visa with an assessment from our registered migration agents.

Expert advice:

Receive professional advice on your migration options in accordance with the Migration Act and Regulations.

Strengthen your case:

Get recommendations, guidance, and support to strengthen your application and increase your chances of success.

Skilled list:

Identify your relevant nominated occupation and determine the most appropriate skills assessment authority.

Skills Assessment:

Prepare and lodge the skills assessment on your behalf and liaise with the assessing authority.

Ongoing assistance:

Receive support and guidance throughout the entire process to ensure your evidence meets the legal requirements.

Expression of Interest (EOI):

Prepare and submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) ensuring you meet the points test legal requirements.

Registration of Interest (ROI):

Prepare and submit your Registration of Interest (EOI) allowing you to stand our amongst other candidates in the pool.

State Nomination:

Preparing your state or territory nomination application providing you the highest chances of success when requesting to be nominated for a permanent visa.

Accessibility and Simplicity:

Access our secure online portal to manage your application from anywhere in the world.

Case Management:

Receive ongoing case management from a team of experienced professionals to ensure your application progresses smoothly, we liaise with the Department on your behalf.

Review and checking:

Receive a full review and final check of all supporting evidence prior to lodgement to ensure everything meets the legal requirements.

Clarifying Your Matter To The Case Officer:

Receive legally written submissions by our expert professionals in Australian immigration law to support your application when if required.

Stay Compliant:

Receive an in-depth explanation of things to look out for such as enter by dates, must not arrive after dates and travel return facilities upon visa grant.

Bridging visas:

Ensure you remain lawfully onshore whilst awaiting a decision on your application.

Post grant support:

Receive ongoing support, including record-keeping and reminders, to ensure compliance with the relevant criteria.

Next steps: Planning your Australian citizenship, our team can help you and your loved ones to become Australian citizens.

…put simply we look after the entire process for you!

The Migration Unity Advantage.


99.9% Success Rate

Maximise your chances of a successful outcome with our highly experienced team.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Rest assured that you will be covered by our No Visa, No Fee - 100% money-back guarantee.


Split Fee Payments

We offer split fee payments to assist you financially whilst your application is being prepared. It's easy to make a start!


100% Satisfaction

Our clients love our service! Check out our reviews for yourself. You too could be receiving a phone call from us with your visa approval.


Fixed Fee

Know exactly every cent you will be paying upfront with no hidden additional charges along the journey with our transparent fees.


Stress Free

We take the stress out of preparing and lodging visa applications. We do this every day of the working week.

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Here’s what you’ll discover in your Video Consultation…

How to become a permanent resident of Australia and which visa subclass is right for you.

The exact process we’ve used to take thousands of clients from not knowing which visa is right for them to starting their PR journey that same week.

The biggest problem people come to us with which keeps them on temporary visas or stuck overseas.

Here are more common topics we’ll discuss in your Video Consultation…

Following the consultation and providing you are eligible, we will send you a step-by-step process via email that includes all of the fees so you can plan ahead and get started straight away.

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